Ethos and Values

Our vision for the School is shaped by our values and the ethos that we want to see mirrored throughout the organisation. In a community as large as Brune Park there will be a range of values held by our diverse population. Whilst it is healthy to recognise diversity, it is helpful to be consistent and achieve a clear identity about what it means to be a member of this school community.

Our values

  • Our community is founded on mutual respect, tolerance, inclusivity and aspiration to the highest standards of behaviour, wellbeing, personal development and achievement. This is a collective endeavour in which we values the rights and success of others as well as of ourselves i.e. success breeds success.
  • We are committed to preparing our learners to be highly independent and resourceful global citizens. We aspire to achieve this through the promotion and development of ‘Foundations of Learning’ – our cluster wide approach from Year R to Year 11.
  • We recognise our collective responsibility to the above through developing effective approaches to teaching and learning, building high quality, healthy working relationships and challenging anti-social and disrespectful behaviour. We model this behaviour with both the learners and amongst ourselves as adults.
  • We support our learners through a diverse and rich programme of personal health development, careers guidance and spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) across our curriculum and beyond.
  • We value a ‘growth mind-set’ approach to motivating our community, in particular, through praising and recognising genuine effort as well as achievement.
  • We have a responsibility to provide a ‘framework’ in which our pupils and students can learn, develop and be prepared for adult life. Within this, sanction, as well as reward, is an important dimension. Our motivation is always to support and to educate and not to solely ‘instill discipline’ – to do so, in our view, can impact adversely on fostering creativity, enquiry, imagination and independence.

How to promote these values?

  • We need to be explicit about our values, such as through a document like this.
  • We must strive to model them in all of our interactions with pupils, students and colleagues.
  • We should talk about them, in meetings, the classroom, staffroom and in assemblies, affirming them as what we believe and value. In doing so they become embedded within the language of the school.

The following are brief examples purely by way of illustration of the sorts of things we should be hearing ourselves say

  1. “Responsibility towards the rights of others”
  2. “Model the behaviour you would expect of others”
  3. “What have we learnt from that situation?”

It is through our language and behaviour that we communicate our values, thus what we say is so crucial: ‘careless, thoughtless talk undermines what we stand for!’

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