Why choose Brune Park?

We are passionate and relentlessly committed to improving.

As a school, we have worked very hard throughout this academic year to secure improvements – and we will continue to do so.

We have an excellent team of enthusiastic teachers and support staff.

We have built a team of excellent quality staff that understand how to release a young person’s potential, how to engage with them and through this how to help them to enjoy their learning. Through this academic year we have focused our energies on what happens in every classroom and in every lesson.

We believe in investing in continually developing our staff

By investing in our staff, we ensure that they are well equipped to enable all our students to be the best they can be. We are working on further enhancing our staff team’s understanding of learners’ needs including the wide range of behaviours and strategies that enable us to maximise outcomes for our young people.

Teachers are given as much time as possible to plan great lessons and assess students’ learning. Support staff benefit from learning opportunities throughout the year. Leadership development opportunities are open to all through the GFM.

Everyone has a voice!

We listen to feedback. This year we changed our detention policy, secured classes for the year (to avoid class and set changes and help develop relationships), set up a projects so that everyone can get involved in looking after the school environment – all in response to desires from students, staff and parents.

We also believe that everyone should be able to contribute to the vision of what we want our school to be like in the future.

This year, the whole school community (students, parents and staff) took part in discussions and activities to help us unpack what it is we all really want for our school and for our school to achieve.

Focus groups, surveys and follow-up activities have all asked the question, what is the school we would like?

We have a clear vision of the school we want.

This research has lead to us having clear statements from students, staff and parents/carers of what we want to achieve. Students have laid out their expectations and commitments to each other, the school and their parents/carers. Similarly, parents/carers have identified their commitments to and expectations of the school and their child, and the staff have looked at their commitments to and expectations of parents/carers and students. By following these, together we can achieve our vision. Read more about our shared commitment and expectations.