Clubs and Societies at Brune Park

Bringing in an ‘extended school day’ in September 2019 has been a remarkable development!

We now have over 30 clubs and societies running each week with nearly 1000 students and staff regularly engaging in the widest range of opportunities (far more than we thought possible.) Kick started by a vibrant Freshers fayre in September (that we have just re-run this week to launch clubs and societies 2020) students are now running a range of their own clubs, with many favourites now running on additional days, or with a slightly new focus.

Brune Park Twitter feed has lots of information about clubs and societies here:

Why did we bring in the ‘extended school day’?

We wanted to provide opportunity in and beyond lessons each day – from learning and progress, to personal awareness, growth and development, a chance for students to experience things they perhaps don’t in their day to day lives,.

Clubs and societies provides dedicated time together each day, to further build positive and meaningful relationships between students and students, students and staff (support and teaching)

There will be Clubs and societies, and outcomes from clubs and societies activity that will directly benefit the school, the school community and the school environment.

But … we didn’t realise quite how popular these would be for so many students (and staff!)

For example: Crafty creations, jewellery club, fieldwork club, horrible history club, history film club, documentary club, take a walk in Brune Park, puzzle club, paper folding club, KS3 drama club, Australian rules football, bench ball, dodgeball, earthlings, rant club, mindful activities, creative writing, table tennis and manga club.

  • The earthlings club have started making positive steps towards achieving the bronze award for eco schools and have completed surveys as well as making a visible display.
  • The paper folding club made links with Huhtamaki and decorated a local church’s Christmas tree with their paper creations. This tree was really well received by the public which one person stating “it was the best decorated tree they have seen”.
  • Fieldwork club have been working with ‘My journey Hampshire’ and have placed 4 pollution tubes around the school site. These tubes will be removed in Jan/Feb and sent to Winchester for testing. The results will then come back to school on how polluted the school air is. The fieldwork club are also working on a county wide competition on how to reduce air pollution.

And then there was the Christmas Fayre!

On the 19th December Brune Park held its first Christmas fayre.  The fayre was completely organised and designed by students showcasing work of the clubs and societies through stalls and performances.  The decorations and running of the fayre was done by a team of year 7 and 9 students, and on the day we had the Mayor visit, Portsmouth news and the ‘my journey team’.  The array of stalls was phenomenal from selling jewellery and crafty items, to hot chocolate, a petting zoo, dance performances and games stalls. Overall the students raised over £700!


From January we have lots of new clubs too such as: a signing group, Victorian culture project, RHS gardening and bullet journalism.



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