A huge thank you to parents and carers for your incredible efforts in ensuring your child is

accessing all online lessons when they are not on the school site.

Thank you for keeping in regular touch with us when there have been reasons why your daughter or son have not been able to engage online.

Attendance and Absence

  • Please continue to keep in touch with us on Covid related absences, and absences if there are situations when learning goes back online again.


  • Students who are unwell are not expected to be present for remote working until they are well enough to do so. Please continue to contact school to keep us updated on when they are well enough to engage with their learning at home.
  • During a self-isolation period: class information will be posted on google classrooms and you son or daughter should sign up to every lesson. (we will also continue to signpost you to other ways of learning at home.)
  • If we find ourselves in a situation of a Bubble or whole school closure, Google classroom timetables will be sent out to students and families.
  • We will be monitoring google classroom engagement and registers throughout the school day and we will contact you with you if we have not seen your child online.
  • Google Meets and ‘live lesson’s will take place in  school hours. During a Bubble or whole school closure, where live lessons are provided, a register will be taken at the start of each lesson.
  • Work provided will continue to be available for  students to complete outside of the school day to fit in with their home access to technology and/or support systems.
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