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A busy, specialist department comprising of 5 well equipped specialist rooms including facilities for varied practical, theory and IT based learning, all integral elements of teaching and learning in Design and Technology. We are a motivated and positive department who strive to ensure we are producing projects that are relevant, which enable our students to gain the required skills not only for their course but also for their future studies.

Ethos statement

Design and Technology facilitates the combining of practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. Students are enabled to build their knowledge, understanding and application of a range of technological materials and methods relevant to the world we live in and a number of design and technology related careers such as product design and engineering.  Students learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. Through exploration, research, communication and design students can interrogate the nature and purpose of materials, processes and machinery.

Our students become successful users of a range of machinery, tools and applications.  Alongside this they build their capacity to describe and explain the individual features of materials, products and components to a level in which they can engage in way and how things are constructed the way they are and for what purpose.

KS3 Curriculum Overview (Years 7-9)

In year 7 students are introduced to the workshop environment. They will complete a series of design and make tasks that will allow them to develop their skills with a range of wood and plastic working tools, ready to develop the complexity of their outcomes in year 8 and 9.

In year 8 students will complete a range of complex design and make activities that will allow them to work with greater accuracy and precision, as well as design to meet the needs of other users. They will also start to learn the properties and environmental impact of their chosen materials, as well as industrial processes.

In year 9, the students will further deepen the foundations of their learning, ready for their GCSE options, which are Design and Technology, and Engineering.  In engineering we will introduce students to the knowledge and topics that will allow them to succeed in key stage 4. They will learn how engineering shapes and guides the world in which we live, as well as expand their materials and manufacturing knowledge.  In technology we will delve further into how the products we use are designed and manufactured. They will learn more complex construction and manufacturing techniques, and be given the opportunity to experience micro-electronics, and Computer Aided Design and Manufacture.

KS4 Curriculum Overview (Years 10-11)

Key Stage 4 Design and Technology students will learn how products are developed and realised. They will be taught how to communicate their ideas using hand and computer-based drawing techniques. They will continue to expand their practical skills, working with wood, metal and plastic. They will also further develop their understanding of how the products we develop and use impact upon the environment, through manufacture, use and disposal.

Key Stage 4 Engineering allows students to look at the engineering world around us and combines theory and real life practice, together with skills such as research and project management. These skills are in high demand as there is a need for talented engineers in the UK. Students will get an opportunity to experience a number of engineering sectors, from electrical, to mechanical and material engineering, to the use of CAD and CAM skills to understanding how products are made and materials chosen.

Subject lead – Mrs Nicklin

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