I am looking for someone to share in an adventure…
JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit

Year 7 Curriculum Path

Our Year 7 English curriculum will give students the room to think beyond Primary Level English, empowering them to draw their own conclusions about the texts we study; this will provide the foundation for achieving their best on their Flight Path to GCSE.

Year 8 Curriculum Path

Our Year 8 English curriculum will give students the opportunity to explore the writing that inspires and challenges them with the help of specialist teachers who are passionate about literature. Our purpose is to enable students to deepen their knowledge of periods of literary history including Romanticism as well as explore new approaches to literary study.

Year 9 Curriculum Path

Our Year 9 English curriculum will give students the knowledge and skills to analyse and evaluate poetry, prose and drama. Students will deepen the skills of literary criticism, essay writing and poetic language whilst exploring real-life contexts that will enable them to develop their own perspectives and approaches.

Students will consolidate their knowledge and skills whilst continuing to pursue new avenues of literary study and practice in readiness for Year 10 GCSE.

Year 10 & 11 Curriculum Path

Our Year 10 & Year 11 English curriculum will give students the preparation and confidence they need to be

exam ready for both GCSE Literature and Language exams.

Students will refine the critical thinking and writing skills that will enable them to excel in whichever academic or career path they choose.

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  • bbcbitesize.com
  • SENECA learning.com
  • Mr.Bruff – You Tube
  • www.nhs.uk    Beat exam stress

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