Physical Education

Brune Park Community School’s PE department strives to create a lifelong love of being physically active within our students.

Our aim is to be a thoroughly inclusive PE department that recognises students’ commitment, effort and attitude. At the same time we take great pride in celebrating and promoting students sporting endeavours. They will have the chance to learn about the principles and practices which lead to good performance whilst working individually, in groups and in teams. Students will discover what they like to do, what their aptitudes are in sport and PE, and how, becoming involved in physical activity, helps them make informed choices about leading a healthy active lifestyle.

As a department we want all of our students to succeed and find a sport that they enjoy, so we plan a full and varied timetable of sports throughout the key stages.

Core PE

All students in Key Stage 4 have 2 lessons a week. When in KS4 students get to choose a pathway of sports that are most suited to them. The curriculum is organised this way so the students get the most enjoyment from their lesson along with learning how exercise is an important factor in leading a healthy active lifestyle now and after school. There is also an option to take part in offsite activities during this time such as; ice skating and climbing.

Extra Curricular

To complement our vast programme of school time activities we also run an extensive extra-curricular programme that provides a range of clubs and teams that many students access each week. Students enjoy participating in fun and recreational activities such as trampolining and badminton clubs while some of our many traditional sports teams represent the school in the Gosport and Fareham League and sometimes Hampshire Leagues. We have also taken some of our sports teams on sports tours.

Another outstanding experience which the PE department offer is our successful skiing trips, our most recent has taken us to Wargrain. Whatever a student’s ability level our aim is the same: We want all young people to enjoy being physically active and to develop a range of sporting skills and qualities such as leadership and teamwork that they can apply to any aspect of their life.

Key Stage 3

Here at Brune Park Community School we have utilised the modifications that have been made to the Physical Education National Curriculum over the past few years. We have created an interesting and diverse curriculum that suits all needs and interests of students entering KS3. During this time students will participate and spend time learning about a variety of different sports in each of their 3 years in KS3. These range from the traditional winter activities such as football, rugby, gymnastics and netball and all the way through to summer events such as tennis, athletics, rounders and cricket.

We are also big believers in tailoring our curriculum to our students’ needs and providing sporting opportunities that engage and motivate them such as an umpire, referee or coach.

With this ethos in mind, we have recently introduced new sports such as Handball and Ultimate Frisbee that we hope to be quite popular. All Year 7 students are put through a Baseline scheme of work; this provides them with a basis of all the movement, balance, and co-ordination that are essential in every sport. Along with this, students are given the opportunity to take on many different roles in a wide variety of games activities.

Our Physical Education department strive to have students constantly aware of what levels they are achieving and know what needs to be done to improve that level. Students are assessed in a number of different activities allowing them to express their talent in a variety of different ways within Physical Education, not just simply as a performer.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Physical Education

NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness

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