Religious Education

KS3 Curriculum Overview (Years 7-9)

During Key Stage 3, our teaching of Religious Education offers students –

* encounters with people from different religious, non-religious, cultural and philosophical groups, who can express a range of convictions on religious and ethical issues.

* visits, where possible, to places of major religious significance, locally, nationally and even internationally.

* contexts in which to discuss, question and evaluate important issues in religion and philosophy, including ultimate questions and ethical issues.

* time to reflect on and carefully evaluate their own beliefs and values and those of others in response to their learning in Religious Education, using reasoned and balanced arguments.

* situations in which to use a range of forms of expression, (such as art and design, dance, drama, ICT, music and writing) to communicate their ideas and responses creatively and thoughtfully chances to explore the connections between Religious Education and other subject areas, such as the arts, humanities, literature and science.

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