Careers guidance

Amanda Aylmer
Careers Advisor

Our Key Staff Member on Careers Advice & Guidance

Amanda joined EBP South having worked for many years for the Local Authority in a variety of job roles including part of the fraud team and working with vulnerable families. Since joining EBP South in 2013 Amanda has:

  • Been involved in the Mentoring Programme as a mentor and project co-ordinator.
  • Run Your Future and Employability Skills workshops at various schools across Hampshire.
  • Assisted the projects team at large out of school events that promote careers opportunities and those in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Events include Get Inspired Southampton, Get Inspired Portsmouth, Big Bang, Primary STEM and Teen Tech.
  • Organised an annual CPD (continuous professional development) day event for Career Practitioners, Career Leads, Career Co-Ordinators and Schools.

Impartial careers advice and guidance is available for all students within the GFM by emailing

Careers Resources

Aspiration and Careers Education

Our Aspirations and Careers education programme prepares young people as citizens of the future with a sound understanding and knowledge of the choices, changes and transitions affecting their future education, training and employment. We firmly believe in supporting all students to become the best they can be and are committed to ensuring that there are a wide range of activities both within the classroom and beyond that supports this.

We recognise, and build on, the process of personal and social development that begins in the home, and continues through school to prepare young people for the world of work and the process of lifelong learning to continue through their adult life.

As a school we are relentless in aiming to ensure that all of our young people are confident, respectful, kind, knowledgeable and aware, see themselves and others as equal, are tolerant and accepting of difference, are patient and respectful and have a clarity for what they value and why.

Our aspirations and careers provision is designed to look across a student’s five years with us at Brune Park, and to complement and be complemented by, activity across the subjects, the tutor and assembly programme, our work developing ‘The Foundations of Learning’ and the range of other exciting activities available for young people here at Brune Park.

Our aspirational pathway and careers provision at Brune Park therefore combines:

  • developing student’s skills and dispositions
  • enabling excellent progress to secure strong outcomes
  • maintaining a focus on all young people having high aspirations for themselves and others
  • ensuring young people are well-informed when making subject and career decisions
  • providing impartial and broad information, advice and guidance in making subject and career choices
  • measuring our effectiveness by considering outcomes and destinations
  • targeting support for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, with continued sharp focus on support and guidance for those with SEN and SEND
  • ensuring our provision enables progression and continuity
  • planning so our provision meets the needs of all students
  • working consciously to prevent all forms of stereotyping in our provision and guidance so that girls and boys from all backgrounds and diversity groups consider the widest possible range of careers, including those that are often portrayed as primarily for one or other of the sexes
  • considering aspirations and careers education as part of the whole curriculum for all students
  • We work from the principle that there is a distinction between Aspiration and Careers Education, and Aspiration and Careers Guidance:

A Summary of the Careers Programme

As a school, we see this work as a personal journey for each learner starting in year 7 through to the securing of their first post 16 destination.
During this journey pupils will experience a range of planned experiences including:

  • At least 1 Careers Interview with a qualified Careers Advisor during their time at school
  • A range of encounters with local employers, including talks and visits
  • Opportunities to visit and meet with Post 16 Providers
  • Support with Post 16 Pathway Information
  • Personal Development Programme including CV Writing, College
  • Applications an Interview Techniques
  • Class and subject led learning linked to careers
    Encounters with further and higher education providers, including visits to local universities
  • Additional focussed support for our SEND and Pupil Premium pupils

How do we measure the impact of careers education?

We will measure the effectiveness and success of the opportunities on offer through a number of key indicators,

  • Ensuring all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks are met
  • Parental & Student Voice
  • Pupils who feel empowered to make informed choices and can articulate their future aspirations
  • All Yr 11 pupils securing post 16 provision places and therefore as a school there will be no NEET’s (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
  • Secure Ofsted judgement of careers provision on offer
  • In addition to the above we work closely with local employers, the Solent LEP and EBP South to ensure the quality of our provision and offer a wide range of opportunities.
Contact Info
  • Brune Park Community School, Military Road, Gosport PO12 3BU
  • (023) 9261 6000