Curriculum Areas

At Brune Park we believe that our curriculum should offer all students the opportunity to succeed and grow into responsible and productive adults who make a contribution to society. Throughout their time with us, students will experience a broad and balanced range of subjects, allowing them to discover their strengths and passions and developing their learning skills through our Foundations of Learning.

In each subject a 5 year learning journey is planned to ensure that our students have the opportunity to cover all of the essential skills and knowledge required to achieve excellent examination results, whilst broadening cultural, social and historical horizons.

All of our students will study English, Maths, Science and Humanities (History and Geography) throughout the 5 years.  They will also participate in physical activity, including a range of sports and contemporary dance.  In the early years of their secondary education, students will also study creative, technological and social subjects which they will get the opportunity to specialise in as they move through the school.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that all students are following the right pathways for their future
  • Providing high quality teaching and learning experiences in every subjects
  • Providing regular feedback to build student resilience and support improvement
  • Developing life skills through our Foundations of Learning
  • Building a student’s cultural capital to provide the best start to their adult life
How do we measure our success?

As a key part of planning every lesson, and at key points throughout the year, we look at every student’s achievement and progress, including:

  • GCSE results
  • Progress made in every subject
  • Comparisons with other schools across the country
  • How our pastoral programme supports achievement and well-being

We also regularly review the quality of teaching and learning across the school, specifically:

  • How well we are assessing what students know
  • How we are closing any gaps in students learning
  • How engaging lessons are
  • How our feedback to students is allowing them to develop and progress as learners
  • How skills in resilience, self-awareness, independence, collaboration and thinking are developed across all subjects.

All of our staff regularly engage in professional learning activities to ensure that we are well-informed, innovative, and constantly striving to provide the best for our students.

Contact Info
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  • (023) 9261 6000