BTEC Business Studies

Ethos statement:

How can the UK return to its entrepreneurial heyday? We once led the world in innovation and trade, but now lag behind in the business start-up stakes. Our economy relies heavily on new business start-ups emerging and going on to develop into successful organisations; which go on to help the UK trade our way into a prosperous future. For this to happen, we rely on individuals with the will to achieve, who will go on to generate these new ideas and ventures.

So what is being done in schools to foster the entrepreneurial spirit that will lead the way? Taught at BTEC level in years 10 and 11 and now as a mini option in Year 9, Business Studies has provided a successful route to higher education and employment for many students; but more than that, Business Studies gives an insight into the opportunities out there for young people wanting to work for themselves, be successful and employ others. Business Studies encourages a real understanding of the economy and what the challenging realities are for small businesses operating within it. Business Studies encourages youngsters to feel that the world of business is open to them, and broadens their horizons. Business Studies opens up the world of business and commerce to young people in a way that other subjects are unable to replicate.

We are passionate about Business Studies here at Brune Park Community School. This is a subject that develops important practical skills and knowledge. To find out more about the course content please follow the link to the exam board’s page below:

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