All students have Dance lessons once every other week in Year 7 taught by a specialist teacher. Composition, performance and appreciation of Dance are introduced and taught using stimuli such as ‘Mission Impossible’ ‘The Obstacle Course’ and ‘Martial Arts’ with homework booklets for each unit.

In year 8 students can choose to study Dance for one lesson a week. In year 9 if students opt for Dance they have two lessons a week. During this time students are prepared to take Dance GCSE by developing their composition, performance and appreciation of dance skills. In year 9 students perform in several shows and have a theory lesson once every other week. All the units taught over these two years are supported by homework booklets to further extend learning.

Dance GCSE is offered in KS4. The AQA course consists of 2 components:

Component 1

Performance 30%

Two set phrases set by the exam board which students are taught.

Duet/trio performance 3 ½ minutes long which students are taught.

Choreography 30%

Group dance for five dancers based on a stimulus that has been set by the exam board. 

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