Film Studies

Students will follow the Eduqas GCSE Film Studies course. During the course students will explore the following three areas; Film Language, Film Organisations and Film Audiences. These will give students an introduction into filmmaking, the film industry and the impact films have on their audiences.

Students will also be expected to demonstrate the following skills: research skills, pre-production, planning and production skills and evaluation and reflection skills. Students are assessed on both portfolio assignments and written exams.

Students are expected to complete research and written work outside of class time as homework and should make use of the catch-up sessions offered on a regular basis. These catch-up sessions will be organised by the teacher in response to the needs to the class and will be published to parents as necessary throughout the year.

It is important students bring the correct equipment to lessons to ensure they have the tools for learning. In Film Studies they will need to bring in their folder/book and any homework or coursework to be handed in each lesson. It would also be wise to have a personal memory stick to make taking work home easier and a pair of headphones for when analysing film clips. For revision purposes each student would benefit from having a personal copy of the following films:

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Siegel, USA, 1956), PG
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Spielberg, USA, 1982), U
  • Juno (Reitman, USA, 2007), 12
  • Whiplash (Chazelle, USA, 2014), 15
  • District 9 (Blomkamp, South Africa, 2009), 15
  • Let the Right One In (Alfredson, Sweden, 2008), 15
  • Attack the Block (Cornish, UK, 2011), 15

These films feature in the written exams and students will have to know them in depth to be fully prepared. In-school viewings of the films will be available each year.

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