Foundations for Learning

The Foundations for Learning is a framework developed between primary and secondary school to enable us to help students reflect on their strengths and areas for development in four key areas:

Self Awareness is about helping our learners understand what motivates them, their strengths and weaknesses and the positive impact they can have on the world around them.


Independence & Resilience is about enabling learners to become confident and skilful enough to take control of their own learning, building on mistakes and persevering to achieve long-term goals.


Thinking Skills is about exploring the way we process information, from the understanding of a new concept, to making links between new and existing knowledge and ultimately to ‘creating’ new knowledge and layers of understanding.


Collaboration & Relationships is about developing an understanding of others and how to shape our words and actions to build strong relationships and achieve successful outcomes when working with others.

We are working hard at school to ‘model’ for young people; positivity, belief, high aspirations – so that we can support our young people become successful, happy and positive adults.   When the adults around the young person are doing this whether it is at home, at school, through clubs or activities they are involved in out of school – the benefits to the young person are significant.  


The skills we are committed to developing with, and for each of our young people at Brune Park are those we have worked to articulate with colleagues in schools across and Gosport.  Each of the schools we work with are referring to these skills as the ‘foundations for learning.’


You will see the ‘foundations for learning’ referenced regularly through the work your child completes in school and at home.

Foundations for learning
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