Prefects and School Council

Head Girl
Alegria Tracey L10
To be appointed Head Girl is an honour.I hope to be a good representation of the students at Brune Park helping every voice to be heard. I will communicate with students from all year groups as well as teachers to further collaboration and sustain a strong partnership between different aspects of the school. At this point in our education what we have to say is critical to further progression – I intend to help everyone speak up.

Head Boy
George Smith F1
I feel that the role of Head Boy will develop my leadership skills and give me a better understanding on how to work as a team.I am excited to be part of the new team and to be part of the student voice. I hope that people will look up to me as a role model and to carry on the legacy of the Senior Prefect Team.

Deputy Head Girl
Shuzeda Chowdhury F1
Spending my last year at Brune Park as a member of the Senior Perfect Team is a huge privilege for me, and I’m determined to make the most of my final year.

To be an effective Senior Perfect I believe you should be able to communicate on various levels whether that be a peer student or a member of staff; as a result being the crucial bridge connecting the student body and staff.

I’m looking forward to developing my leadership skills, not to mention working with the staff and students to help develop Brune Park School and make it the best it can be – not only for (future) students, but for the staff and the whole community.

Deputy Head Boy
Connor Hedges H7
The roles of the Senior Prefect Team are of great importance to construct our communities’ image of the students attending our school. The community should see the resilient, polite and confident individuals that Brune Park Community School helps to create and I believe that I portray these key attributes.

I am excited by the challenges and the new experiences this role presents and I cannot think of a more rewarding way to spend my final year at Brune Park Community School. I believe that this role will develop my life skills.

Deputy Head Boy
Alfie Joliffe L12
I am really excited to take on the role of Deputy Head Boy. I believe that being a part of the Senior Prefect Team will help me to grow as an individual and I hope it will lead me to bigger and better things, as well as having the opportunity to help other students along with their own school journey at Brune Park.

I am ready to take on anything that this prestigious and vital role will throw at me!

Deputy Head Girl
Felicity Gille G5
Being appointed with the position of Deputy Head Girl is an honour and I truly hope that being given this role will allow me to pursue representing the Student Voice and body. I hope that I can be a good positive role model for students and set a good example for all years.

I would describe myself as determined, optimistic and approachable, meaning I can support and guide other students when necessary.

My main aim as Deputy Head Girl is to remove any negative perspectives of Brune Park and show our school in its best light.

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