Times of the School Day

Last academic year the Brune Park Student Council worked together with staff and students on improving punctuality across the School.

Students recognise the importance of being on time and ready to learn in a school context but also the importance of being punctual in the world of work and society in general.

TB = transition bell ie: movement between lessons

SB = start bell indicating that the lesson has started.

Students are expected to be inside their classrooms at the sound of the SB (start bell.)

Time of Bell
8:25 (TB) Transition to Tutor Time
8:30 (SB) Start of Tutor Time
8:45 (TB) End of Tutor Time
8:50 (SB) Start of lesson 1
9:50 (TB) End of lesson 1
9:55 (SB) Start of lesson 2
10:55 End of lesson 2/ Start of Break 1
11:20 (TB) Transition time to be ready to learn at 11:25*
11:25 (SB) Start of lesson 3
12:25 (TB) End of lesson 3
12:30 (SB) Start of lesson 4
1:30 End of lesson 4/Start of Break 2
1:40 (TB) Transition time to be ready to learn at 1:45
1:45 (SB) Start of lesson 5
2:45 End of lesson 5/Start of lesson 6*
3:45 End of lesson 6*

*Lesson 6 is provided for all of Year 11, with specific activity for students in other year groups.

Students will know of their lesson 6 timetables through their Tutor and Subject Teacher.

Contact Info
  • Brune Park Community School, Military Road, Gosport PO12 3BU
  • (023) 9261 6000
  • enquiries@brunepark.gfmat.org