Transition from Year 6

At Brune Park we are passionate about all students experiencing a positive transition as this helps setup the strong foundations for their learning journey at secondary school.

We recognise that the transition between primary school and secondary school is a major event not only for a young person but also for the family members that support their child.

We know that transition can be an exhilarating yet anxious time for many children as they experience new subjects, new challenges and meet new friends in a larger school environment. It is therefore our aim to ensure that the transition journey is enjoyable, informative and exciting. At Brune Park we will endeavour to ensure that our students feel supported and prepared in their transition process so that they can establish themselves quickly into our community.


GFM Secondary Phase Transition Site


What transition programmes do we have to offer?


Once you have been notified that you have been successful in obtaining a place for your child at Brune Park, you will be contacted by our Admissions department. They will send you all of the registration forms and details of other key information required as part of your acceptance of the place offered. This pack will also contain details of important transition dates. NB – If your child attends a junior/primary school in Gosport, this will be distributed via the junior/primary schools. If your child attends a school outside of Gosport, this will be sent to your home address.

Work with primary/Junior schools

To ensure a smooth transition, our transition team works in partnership with our primary/junior schools to build up a comprehensive transition plan. In the summer term we work with our colleagues at each primary/junior school to discuss each individual student regarding their academic levels and their social and behavioral development.

This is an essential part of the transition process which will enable us to really get to know our students, to build positive working relationships with them, so that the pace and quality of learning are maintained to ensure our students continue to make the very best progress they can. Learning about the whole student is important to us.

From the information that we gather from our primary/junior schools, we start to arrange our students into tutor groups. We understand from experience, that some students are anxious to be placed into tutor groups with their friends. We must emphasise we cannot always guarantee this as we must give consideration to students who have special educational needs, and the need to produce tutor groups which are mixed ability with a balance of boys and girls. We know that the students will make lots of new friends and settle swiftly into school life at Brune Park.

During the summer term we work closely with all junior/primary schools on the transition project work (Maths and English). The aim of these bridging projects is for the students to continue to develop their Maths and English skills whilst still at their primary school. We will continue to use their work during the first half term from September. This allows for continuity of learning and gives the opportunity for Brune Park staff to see the standard at which the students are working.

Additional Visits

We understand that the transition period can quite daunting for some of our students. Some of our students may need extra support and guidance at this time. To alleviate any worries a student may have regarding their transition, an additional visit to Brune Park will be arranged via our primary/ junior schools.

In addition to this, our transition team will visit the primary/junior schools during June/July. This is a great opportunity to meet the students in their own environment and a chance to field lots of questions they may have about starting Brune Park. A team of Year 7 students that had previously attended their primary/junior schools will accompany the team and will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns that a Year 6 student may have.


For prospective students, parents and carers – this was the Summer Term Transition process for Summer 2019

Transition Evening 2019 took place on July 1

‘The time has come to welcome your child into our community. On the 1 July, all parents/carers are invited to attend our transition evening. This is an exciting and important opportunity for our Year 6 students and parents/carers to meet their new tutors, Heads of House and key members of staff,that will help and support them through the transition period.

This evening is designed so that all of our new Students and parents/carers, can learn about the high expectations that we promote and to gather important information regarding secondary school life at Brune Park. There will be an opportunity for parents/carers and of course our students, to ask any questions to our dedicated staff team, regarding any concerns they may have.

  • The evening will start promptly at 5pm and we will try to finish at 6pm.
  • Please allow sufficient time for parking as the site will be busy.
  • There will be an opportunity for you to inform us of any additional information that we may need to ensure a successful transition for your child.
  • Skoolkit are our recommended suppliers of our uniform and they will be onsite from 4pm until 7pm. The skoolkit price list and Brune Park uniform list can be found on our website. Please click on the link provided.

An invite to the evening will be sent to parents/carers as well as information regarding the students’ House and tutor group. parents/carers will be informed closer to the event.’

Transition Days 2019 took place on Tuesday 9 July, Wednesday 10 July, Thursday 11 July 2019

‘We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 6 students joining us in September, to our induction programme which commences in July. The students will work with their new tutor group and experience a variety of exciting lessons across the curriculum.

During the induction programme students will participate in a Performance Arts festival and there will be an opportunity for the students to showcase the performance skills they have explored and rehearsed.

All tutor groups will be supported by our Year 9 Ambassadors on the transition days. Their valuable experience helps and supports our Year 6 students to navigate themselves across our large site and to answer any questions regarding school life at Brune Park.

This valuable experience is not only enjoyable and informative for our students, it helps our students to understand the high expectations of the Brune Park community.

The arrangement for the days are as follows:

All students should arrive at Brune Park no later than 8.30 am and wait on the main concourse in front of the main building. Students will be dismissed at 3pm.

  • If you would like your child to walk home, or you would like them to be collected by a sibling, please let us know beforehand.
  • Students should wear their present school uniform.
  • Students can either bring a packed lunch or purchase a nutritious lunch from Footlights, which is our cafeteria.
  • If your child has free school meals, your Primary/Junior school will notify us of this so that we can provide a free meal on the day.
  • Students being collected by car, should park in the layby outside of the school gates.
  • Cars are not permitted to drive on site at this time due to the number of students leaving our site.

A coffee morning for Year 6 parents/carers will be held in Footlights on each of the Transition Days from 8.45am – 10.00am, where members of the Senior Leadership Team will be available to answer any questions that you may have. All parents/carers are welcome to attend.’

First Day of Term for Year 7 – Tuesday 3 September 2019

‘The first day of secondary school for Yr 7 will start at 8.25am on Tuesday 3rd September. All students will need to be on site at this time. The students will be greeted by their tutors on the main concourse at the front on the main building (Fibonacci Towers)

The students will take part in tutor time activities, lessons and successfully complete a whole year group challenge. Year 7 will be the only year group in school.

We are looking forward to seeing our new Year 7 students in full school uniform.


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