What is professional learning?

Professional learning is the term we use to describe any learning that takes place as part of a staff member’s role or job within the GFM. It is much broader than ‘just’ completing a course or going to a training session. For us, professional learning is something we are all entitled to, as it makes us better!. When each of us are better in our role, students and families of the school and the GFM get a better deal. We expect anyone working for the GFM to be committed to wanting to be better. We ask staff at interview and throughout their time in the GFM, to reflect on their disposition and to actively engage in continued professional learning.

Professional learning is therefore everything we do through our work to improve. It is every meeting we attend, every conversation we have, every blog post, article or educational book that we read, as well as attending training in school and beyond.

Why is professional learning so important to us in the GFM and at Brune Park?

Put simply: we want everyone to want to be better! When we are all striving to be better and when we engage in learning, we are a community of learners striving to be better together. This way we can ensure the school is the best it can be.

Access to high quality and career phase appropriate professional learning is an entitlement for all staff across the GFM. We expect our line managers to provide excellent leadership to help staff perform at their best, through motivating and signposting them to engage in appropriate professional learning opportunities. Thus developing them to achieve high performance.

Each INSET Professional Day is a really important time for staff to come together for collaborative learning experiences. Each INSET Day is carefully planned and seeks to support how we are improving as individuals and teams for the benefit of our students. Often INSET days focus on improving the quality of learning and teaching in order to enhance the student learning experience.


The guiding principle of our professional learning is to seek deeper understanding of how young people and adults learn by engaging in rigorous educational enquiry and research and to drive ‘next practice’ through enhanced understanding.

We ensure that all colleagues across the GFM have access to a diverse range of career phase appropriate and high quality professional learning opportunities. In partnerships with external institutions the GFM enables and supports staff to deliver Initial Teacher Training, thus securing high quality future teaching staff for all schools within the GFM.

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