The House System

The House system at Brune Park is part of the School’s strong sense of belonging and community.

There are four Houses named after legends from the fields of Dance, Drama, Music and Film: Lennon, Hepburn, Gieldud, Fonteyn.

Each House has its own motto and ethos that all students and staff contribute to, and support the values of the school. The House system also supports students as they develop the ‘Foundations for Learning’ and work on raising aspirations.

House activities combine with progress and achievement in lessons, Tutor time and around school, attendance and punctuality to earn points for their House.

We also encourage and welcome parents and carers to join their child’s House and join in a number of events and activities.

We have inter-House competitions in numerous sports and cultural activites such as music, drama, art and student voice. House points are awarded for achievement in House activities. Our House system promotes community cohesion, encourages high aspiration, continues to develop our ethos, and most important, celebrates all success.

Each House also has a team of House Captains. The importance and value placed upon our House Captains is very great indeed. Our students are keen to mature as individuals and to develop a sense of responsibility towards others within and beyond the School gates. House Captains support other students in the Houses by activities such as:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Organising students to participate in House sporting and other competitions
  • Playing an active role in Assemblies
  • Assisting at Open and Transition days
  • Organising charity events
  • Helping Teachers during tutor time
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