Student Headship Team

Hello, we are your student headship team 2018-2019. We are a fun, confident group of young individuals who all strive for perfection in our last year of secondary education. For all of us to reach the positions we are in now we feel truly honoured and to work with everybody around Brune Park is a great thing to be able to do.

Across the GFM, working with Bay House especially, we strive to make the student teacher relationships stronger than ever seen before. If anybody within the student body ever wants to come and speak to us we are always open to conversation from anyone. Feel free to bring any ideas, worries, and concerns to us at any time and we can further expand on that.

As a team we hope this year will be extremely strong for Brune Park and its student voice, and we strive to make sure every person has a voice. Our role as student headship means we are able to converse with any member of staff or student across the GFM and we hope that this will eventually show that any student is able to do that as well.

We are around the school campus every day so we welcome you to approach us at all times.

Head Girl – Frances Weston
To be appointed Head Girl is a true Honour, and I plan to leave behind a legacy from my year in this role. I believe that bridging the gap between staff and students to have Brune Park the greatest it can be is something in which I can impact on. My contribution to Brune Park and all its (future) students will hopefully make it the best possible learning environment it can be. I am ready to take on anything, big or small, my duties as Head Girl may throw at me.

Head Boy – Kieran Lang
I am very proud of myself for achieving the title of Head Boy. I know everyone on the Headship Team have worked hard to gain their positions and I look forward to working together in the future. I wholeheartedly believe that, as a team, we can strive to better both Brune Park and the community as a whole.

Deputy Head Boy – Joseph Dawson
I feel honoured to have the opportunity to represent myself and Brune Park Students as Deputy Head boy. I believe this role will enable me to represent my peers at the highest level, allowing for real student input and change. I look forward to my time and hope to create real change as part of the GFM.

Deputy Head Girl – Caitlin Capocci

In my final years at Brune park I am excited to work with new teams of people while developing my leadership skills, grow as an individual. I hope to help students have their voices heard. Brune park has helped me grow in confidence and I feel privileged and proud part of the student headship team.

Deputy Head Boy – Nathan Gray
It is an honour to be a member of the student headship team in my final year at Brune Park. It will teach me teamwork and how to make an effort to positively influence my school by listening to the student voice. It will be my responsibility to build the bridge between students and teachers to help develop Brune Park and make it the best it can be.

Deputy Head Girl – Holly Duncan

Being appointed deputy head girl in my final year at Brune Park is a huge honour. I will fulfil my role to the best of my ability by working with the student body and voice. I hope to change the negative perspective of the school and improve Brune Park for current and future students.

Contact Info
  • Brune Park Community School, Military Road, Gosport PO12 3BU
  • (023) 9261 6000