How to contact us

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, visits to the school site are strictly by appointment only. The most efficient form of contact with staff in the school is by email and we hope the lists below are helpful for you.  

The first point of contact for parents and carers is with your child’s Tutor (to share a success or a worry) or your child’s subject teachers (any learning questions.)  Please see our ‘Contact us’ tab for relevant email addresses. Staff try their very best to respond to emails within 24 hours, and most enquiries can be dealt with using this method.

If you would like an appointment with a member of staff please contact them by email to make these arrangements


Please use these email addresses:

Your child is absent, or has a future appointment or is going to be late 


To update contact details that we hold for you or your child 


Trip enquiries (not payment related) 


Payment enquiries – Scopay, cashless catering, link codes, trips, music tuition 


Free school meals enquiries 


Admissions – new in year starters and leavers


Transition from Year 6 to 7


Subject Leader/s to contact Email
Maths Helen Camburn

Lauren Searley

English Carly Barwick
Mikaela MilneClaire Richards

Science Dayna Gibb

Tracy Duddington

History Lucy Coleman
Geography Katie Phillips
Languages Charlotte Wood
Dance Ellie Archer
Caroline Bintley
Drama Pam Ritchie
Caroline Bintley
Music Kathy Davies
Caroline Bintley
Design Technology
Kerry Bramley
Food Education Natasha Mazzola
PE Ashley Cole
PSHRE Your child’s tutor

Please see a list of tutor contacts below

Tutor Group  Tutor  Email Contact
7F1 Miss E Archer 
7F2 Mr D Arnold 
7F3 Mr M Walker 
7G4 Mr J Steel 
7G5 Mr J Ward 
7G6 Miss A Bell 
7H7 Mrs C Barwick 
7H8 Mr P Ross-Evans 
7H9 Dr P Quirke 
7L10 Miss E Hall 
7L12 Mr D Hussey 
Tutor Group  Tutor Email Contact 
8F1 Miss C Smith 
8F1 Mrs L Coleman 
8F3 Mrs C Bintley 
8G4 Miss S Hoddle 
8G5 Mr K Baker 

Mrs N Pimlott 

8G6 Mrs D Morgan 
8H7 Miss R Corbin 
8H8 Miss S O’Sullivan 
8H9 Mr T Andrew-Power

Miss M Milne 

8L10 Mr A Ness 
8L11 Mrs K Newcombe 
8L12 Mrs P Davies 
Tutor Group Tutor Email Contact 
9F1 Mr H Raymer 
9F2 Mrs T Treleven 
9F3 Mr C Fisher 
9G4 Mr A Saund 
9G5 Miss K Demuth 
9G6 Mr E Bryan 
9H7 Mr A Cole 

Mrs V Bodenham 

9H8 Mr R Milligan 
9H9 Mr K Morgan 
9L10 Ms K McKenner 
9L11 Mrs M Ballard 
9L12 Miss K Phillips 
Tutor Group  Tutor  Email Contact 
10A1 Miss K Begum 
10A2 Mrs C Wood 
10A3 Mr J Nicholson 
10A4 Mr J Moller 
10A5 Mrs C Hughes 
10B1 Mrs K Davies 
10B2 Miss G Beames 
10B3 Mr D Longdon-Thurgood   
10B4 Mr B Margetts 
10B5 Miss A Calvert 
10B6 Mr D Edmead 
Tutor Group  Tutor Email Contact
11A1 Miss H Dorey 
11A2 Mr A Ricketts 
11A3 Mrs L Searley

Ms A Baelden 

11A4 Miss E McLellan 
11A5 Mrs K Munro 
11A6 Mr G Whates 
11B1 Mr L Morrey 
11B2 Mrs E Whittaker 
11B3 Miss L Ferguson 
11B4 Mrs P Ritchie 

Mr P Tarin 

11B5 Mrs C Richards 

We recognise the value to the students of the family and the school working in partnership.  The best way we can support your child is working with them alongside you. We know there will be times when we will call on your support, and times that you will need to call on our support.  Working together we can support your child know to share successes and talk through worries or concerns.

A young person who talks things through, and seeks input and support from the adults around them is building their own self-confidence and self-belief, and the resilience and determination in order to enjoy life and manage the challenges that life brings.

We are working hard to ‘model’ for young people positivity, belief, high aspirations – so that we can support our young people become successful, happy and positive adults.   When the adults around the young person are doing this whether it is at home, at school, through clubs or activities they are involved in out of school – the benefits to the young person are significant.

Brune Park Community School
Military Road, Gosport,
PO12 3BU

Telephone: (023) 9261 6000

The Headship team at Brune Park is:
Kirstie Andrew-Power (Head Teacher)
Mike Jones (Associate Head Teacher)

Chair of the Local Governing Body:
Jean Morgan
Gosport & Fareham Multi-Academy Trust

CEO of the Multi Academy Trust:

Ian Potter (CEO)
Gosport & Fareham Multi-Academy Trust

Multi-Academy Trust Address:
Gosport & Fareham Multi-Academy Trust (trading as GFM Education)
Bay House School & Sixth Form
Gomer Lane,
PO12 2QP
Tel: (023) 9258 7931

Contact Info
  • Brune Park Community School, Military Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 3BU
  • (023) 9261 6000

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