Proud to be… Brune Park Students


We continue to strive for students in the Brune Park Community to present the “best version” of themselves on a daily basis and firmly believe that a clear uniform code creates a positive ethos throughout the school day. All students are expected to uphold the high standards set by the school. We are proud of our school and the uniform is testament to the values we all want to embrace.

We cannot underestimate the vital role you as parents play in helping us to ensure that the uniform code is adhered to. We would fully appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that when your son or daughter leaves the family home that they have the correct uniform on and are therefore in the correct frame of mind to focus on their day`s learning.

A reminder of our updated uniform code:

Please remember that students may only wear one silver or gold stud in each ear lobe. No other piercings are permitted in school. If you allow your son or daughter to have additional piercings, please arrange for this to be done at the start of the school summer holidays so that the piercing is fully healed when they return to school in September. No piercings should be undertaken at any other time of the school year. Clear/flat plastic retainers are permitted for existing piercings.

Students need to carry a bag suitable for carrying A4 sized books, planners and a pencil case at all times.

We are be grateful for your continued support in ensuring that our uniform code is adhered to on a daily basis in order to provide your son or daughter with a clear sense of belonging to the Brune Park Community. This enables us all to focus on the important jobs of our teaching and their learning.

Our Uniform

  • White shirt with collar
  • House tie
  • Brune Park Jumper
    • Grey – Years 7, 8 and 9
    • Black – Years 10 and 11
  • Plain black trousers
  • Plain black trainers or shoes

Our PE Uniform

  • Collared shirts – House colour and logo
  • Black shorts (mid-thigh length)
  • Trainers


  • Plain black sports track pants/leggings (optional)
  • Black and White Zip Top (optional)
Contact Info
  • Brune Park Community School, Military Road, Gosport PO12 3BU
  • (023) 9261 6000
  • enquiries@brunepark.gfmat.org