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Fueling our G.C.S.E Students

Our year 11 students are working incredibly hard at the moment, cramming their time with revision for their G.C.S.E’s. We can find them each morning, grabbing a complimentary, filling breakfast to tide them over through their morning exams.

Anti- Bullying – The Diana Award

A selection of GFM pupils from Brune Park and Bay House took part in Anti-Bullying Ambassador training run by The Diana Award. The Diana Award is a charity based on Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world. The award 

Early Birds

We hope you’re all as ready as these cuties to learn today! They’ve had an early start exploring what Brune Park has to offer.

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Brune Park School is at an exciting stage of development and improvement, and the school community is growing prouder, more confident and more successful at every stage. We are proud of each of our students and our commitment and drive is for every young person to achieve beyond their expectation, and progress to where they previously had not imagined or thought possible. Our results this August reflect improvements in every team across the school, some fantastic individual student achievements and impressive progress in a number of subjects.

We have worked very hard to secure the improvements we have at the school, and into this academic year we have much work to continue to do.

We have been relentless in our drive to ensure we are fully staffed with colleagues passionate to understand how to release and enable a young person to engage with and enjoy their learning. We are working hard to ensure all our staff are highly skilled in understanding learners’ needs including the wide range of behaviours and strategies that enable us to maximise outcomes for our young people.

Through last academic year we focused energies on what happened in every classroom and in every lesson, and continuing to attract excellent quality staff to the school.

For this academic year we are putting into practice work started last year building the school we would like (based on work with students, staff and parents).

We call these our ‘shared commitment and expectations.’