Music is a thriving subject within the school life at Brune Park School. The department encourages participation by all regardless of age or ability.

The Music department consists of two specialist teachers and is located in its own block, containing well-equipped classrooms, an ICT suite, and practise rooms. We have a strong team of peripatetic teachers that provide tuition on many different instruments. A contribution of £85 is required every term, towards the cost of the instrumental/singing lessons which last 30 minutes and rotate every week during the school day, so that the students do not miss the same academic lessons every week. They are given the opportunity to take grade examinations and we regularly celebrate our students’ achievements.

In addition to lessons, a range of enrichment activities are offered including Orchestra, Ukulele Group, Choir and Keyboard Club. We also have a Rock band lead by the by the students and assisted by Mr Swan, our guitar tutor.

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KS3 Curriculum Overview (Years 7-9)

Students in years 7 and 8 are taught music for one hour a week.

Year 7 – Topics covered:

Rhythm and Pitch, the Elements of Music, Programme Music and the Pentatonic scale.

View Assessment Grid for Year 7

Year 8 – Topics covered:

Ground bass, the basics of harmony, Theme and Variation, Bass Riffs and Reggae.

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Year 9 – is a mini option year whereby students are given the foundations of the GCSE course and spend time developing performance theory and composition skills.

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KS4 Curriculum Overview (Years 10-11)

We study AQA specification at GCSE.

There are 3 components within the Specification:

Component 1: Understanding Music (40%) This is assessed by a 1 1/2 hour external examination at the end of year 11 and the Areas of Study within this component are are:

  • AoS 1: Western classical Tradition 1650–1910 which includes the music of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin
  • AoS2: Popular music – which includes music of the Beatles, Musical Theatre and Film music
  • AoS3: Traditional music, including Folk and Blues
  • AoS4: Western Classical Tradition, which includes the music of some British composers

Component 2: Performance (30%). Students are required to submit a solo and ensemble performance, the combined length of which must be a minimum of 4 minutes. (30%)

Component 3: Composition (30%). Students are required to submit 2 compositions – one to a brief set by AQA and issued in September of the examination and the second composition is in the style/genre of the student’s choice. The combined length of these two compositions must be a minimum of 3 minutes.

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