Times of the School Day

Last academic year the Brune Park Student Council worked together with staff and students on improving punctuality across the School. This is because they recognised the importance of being on time and ready to learn in a school context but also the importance of being punctual in the world of work and society in general.

The times of the bells are as follows:

Time of Bell
8:25 (TB) Transition to Tutor Time
8:30 (SB) Start of Tutor Time
8:45 (TB) End of Tutor Time
8:50 (SB) Start of lesson 1
9:50 (TB) End of lesson 1
9:55 (SB) Start of lesson 2
10:55 End of lesson 2/ Start of Break 1
11:20 (TB) Transition time to be ready to learn at 11:25*
11:25 (SB) Start of lesson 3
12:25 (TB) End of lesson 3
12:30 (SB) Start of lesson 4
1:30 End of lesson 4/Start of Break 2
1:40 (TB) Transition time to be ready to learn at 1:45
1:45 (SB) Start of lesson 5
2:45 End of lesson 5/Start of lesson 6*
3:45 End of lesson 6*

*Lesson 6 is for Year 11 on a Wednesday only, the rest of the school will finish at the normal time of 2.45pm.

Students are asked to remember that the transition bells at the end of lessons are a signal for the member of staff they are with that it is time for them to move.

Transition bells before school and at the end of break allow students time to get to Tutor Time/Assembly.

Students will be asked to ensure that they are ready to learn by the time the start bell sounds.

Contact Info
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  • (023) 9261 6000
  • enquiries@brunepark.gfmat.org